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Improve Sales

Every customer has her own personal preferences. When your products display aligns with those preferences and the customer is ready to purchase, you make a sale!

Expand Order Value

Additional suggested products that reflect or enhance customer’s expected choices improve the chance of selling more products to the same customer.

Encourage Conversions

Integration of Trouvus solutions to an e-commerce site facilitates understanding users’ need better, enhances their involvement with the site, improves conversion and creates value.

Recommendations Solution

Reap Real Benefits from a Robust Recommendations Engine

Fast and secure, Trouvus recommendations solution analyzes anonymous data related to the users’ behaviour and products, and offer unique products suggestions to the users of an e-commerce website instantaneously. It leads to up to 20% revenue increase, 40% increase of sales per item and 20% click throughs.


Magento Plugin :

Customer of online retail shops receive an engaging shopping experience thanks to Trouvus engine’s unique recommendations. Our retail solution predicts and delivers unparalleled suggestion of items based on customer’s interest, their past behavior, and real-time browsing history. The recommendations can be displayed on all relevant pages across the site. Trouvus system for Magento merchants takes only couple of simple steps to implement and use. The system is fully integrated to Magento and easy to manage through Magento admin dashboard.

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Prestashop :

How do you maximize your sales on your online store? By implementing Trouvus recommendations system you can achieve this goal right form the first day! It will not only assist you in displaying the most relevant for the customer products that you carry, you will receive incredible other benefits as well. Upsells and cross-sells, for example, are hugely effective methods of increasing revenue for any e-commerce site. Trouvus personalized recommendation solutions support both these techniques and many others.

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Custom Solutions :

Our client empowering team is dedicated to help clients identifying the right solution for any web service or online retail shop no matter how complex the need is. They specialize in formulating strategic plans and creating implementation roadmap so that the client can extract maximum benefits from Trouvus recommendations system. Our technical department will help incorporating the solution to websites through API or tailor the system in accordance with the site’s needs.

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The Trouvus Dashboard

Deep analytics and reporting tools help you in selecting performance indicators and
monitor how our system is assisting you to make more sales.

Our Price Structure

You pay a small percentage of sales revenue that we help you generate.
No subscription fee! No Credit Card! No Contract!
Moreover, the first month is completely free!


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